Fun Summer Activities for Kids in the Slovenian Alps

If you are visiting Slovenia and going to the mountains, there are loads of fun things to do in Summer. Read this post to find out more.

My Favourite Activities

The Fun Bob at Straza Bled
  • Fun Bobs
    There are two fun bobs, or summer sledges, in the Alps. One is at Kranjska Gora and one is at Straza Bled. These are fun because you can control how fast or slow you go down. You also go up on a chairlift. The one at Straza is steeper but the one at Kranjska Gora is longer. They are both great fun!
  • Ziplines
    There are some great ziplines in the mountains, including the longest one in Europe. There is another one at Straza and I like the one at the Tinaraft rafting centre because you cross a rope bridge to get to it and it goes really high across the river.
  • Rafting
    There are lots of rivers where you can do rafting in this region. I went to the Tinaraft centre and this was lots of fun! We didn’t wear our normal clothes on the raft, we had to put some wetsuits on so we didn’t get our normal clothes wet! We paddled down the river and sometimes we hit rocks: we even went down some rapids, but we didn’t fall out!
  • Swimming
    In the Alps, you can swim in the lakes and rivers. My favourite place to go swimming is the Grajsko Kopalisce under Bled Castle because it has a diving board and slides!
  • Cable car
    There is a cable car at Vogel that goes right up to the mountains. It is very steep and exciting, going from 500m – 1500m in less than 5 minutes. You can then take the chairlift even higher into the mountains.
  • Rock climbing
    There is a rock climbing centre for kids at Pod Skalco in Bohinj. You can learn rock climbing here on a real rock face!
  • Cycling
    There are lots of great cycle routes where you don’t need to go on the road in the mountains. You can go from Bled to Bohinj or Mojstrana to Kranjska Gora which are nice routes and not too difficult.
  • Bled Castle
    Here you can learn the history of Bled, explore the different workshops and feel like a King of Bled!
The Vogel Cable Car

I hope you enjoy these posts and if you visit Slovenia, make sure you try some of these activities!
Benji 🙂

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