Halloween Banquet: Dine if you Dare!

Happy Halloween everyone! Today we are celebrating lockdown-style with a haunted banquet at home. Please make your selection from the menu:

Dine if you dare!

I hope you chose wisely…

Spookin Noodle Soup
Dead-Man’s-Chest Nuts
Ghoulish Goulash
Monstrous Muffins
Creepy Cookies
And to drink? Blood of course!

I hope you enjoyed this fiendish feast! Did you eat anything frightfully good for Halloween? If you did, why not share some photos on your blog, and let me know below…


3 thoughts on “Halloween Banquet: Dine if you Dare!

  1. This is a nice restaurant Benji. Can I come in?

    Benji I’d like to order
    From your Halloween
    Menu (which looks yummy)
    Best I’ve ever seen

    I’ll start with spookin’ noodle soup
    For main? ghoulish goulash
    Dessert? those monstrous muffins (yum)
    To drink? Some blood (a dash)

    (I’m driving…..)

    I’m pleased to see you’ve tasted it
    To prove it’s all OK
    I’m gonna love it served to me
    (And live another day)

    Yum. Dish it up Benji. Can’t wait.

    Tell the chef well done. it looks great…..


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