Bonfire night

Bonfire Night

Tonight, 5th November is Bonfire Night in the UK. Bonfire Night has been celebrated since 1605 since Guy Fawkes was caught with gunpowder under the Houses of Parliament as he was planning to blow it up with a group of plotters. King James scores 2 because he did not look in the cellar where he was. Guy Fawkes scores 5 because he had a great hiding place. The guy who sent the anonymous letter warning King James about the plot gets 963 because he the Houses of Parliament didn’t get destroyed and we get to celebrate every 5th November.


In UK we celebrate Bonfire Night by having a fire and burning the ‘Guy’ on it. We also have fireworks and sparklers. In Carlisle, the city I was born, the Town Council has put on a celebration (lately a firework display) every year since 1607. This year, for the first time in 413 years, there will be no bonfire because of Covid-19 😦

In Slovenia, there is no Bonfire Night so we are eating some traditional bonfire night foods:

Jacket Potatoes

Are you celebrating Bonfire Night? If you are, I hope you have a great time! And remember:

Remember, remember
The Fifth of November
Gunpowder Treason and plot
I see no reason, why Gunpowder Treason
Ever should be forgot

Guy Fawkes

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  1. Hi little candy, I am here after reading about you in Vincent’s post today. I am amazed to see that you are talented toddler who writes so well like an adult. Keep writing.. I am not going to miss any of your posts from today. ❣️

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