Goodbye Sodor: My very own Thomas the Tank Engine story.

One day Diesel 10 was ripping trucks apart. Then the Fat Controller told Diesel 10, if he did rip trucks apart again he would get scrapped. So he was sent to deliver oil to Ballahoo. Then on the junction to Ballahoo, Thomas was in the way of Diesel 10. So then Diesel 10 asked Thomas to get out of the way. But Thomas said “No.” And then Thomas did make a leak in Diesel 10’s oil trucks on purpose! So Thomas was sent to scrap. But then an idea bubbled into Thomas’s boiler. He said “Maybe we could go with Stepney to the Bluebell Railway. Stepney is leaving” Thomas said. So he telephoned Stepney’s driver and he said “Yes.” So Stepney shunted Thomas all the way to the Bluebell Railway. Then the Fat Controller came to see Thomas. But he wasn’t there! So he told Diesel 10 to brake Thomas into pieces when they found him! So all the engines looked for Thomas but he wasn’t on Sodor. So then they searched over the United Kingdom. Caitlin looked at the East Coast main line but he wasn’t there. Connor at the West Coast main line but he wasn’t there. But Percy looked at the Bluebell railway and asked Stepney if Thomas was there but Stepney lied to Percy and said “No.” And Back on Sodor, Peter Sam got promoted to a big engine and caused an explosion! So Peter Sam left with Donald and Douglas, and Duck and Oliver, because they were tired of engines being sent to scrap!

Featured image: ウツダー, CC BY 2.1 JP, via Wikimedia Commons

33 thoughts on “Goodbye Sodor: My very own Thomas the Tank Engine story.

  1. So, Stepney lied – which isn’t good – and saved Thomas. I am glad. The Bluebell is a lovely line and I’m sure Thomas will be very happy there. He can hide in all the blue flowers. Lovely story!


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