Richard II: A Pantoum

Oh Richard did you get stabbed or left to rot in a Castle?You did last 22 years as King:From 1377-1399Until someone plotted your undoing. You did last 22 years as a KingBut heavy lay the crown upon your headFrom 1377-1399Then later you were stabbed, or left for dead. Heavy lay the crown upon your headYourContinue reading “Richard II: A Pantoum”

My New Train Services

Hello I will show you even more train services In Britain. London Waterloo – Plymouth 2h45m Stops at Clapham Junction – Basingstoke – Winchester – Southampton Airport Parkway – Southampton Central – Brockenhurst – Bournemouth – Branksome – Parkstone – Poole – Hamworthy – Holton Heath – Wareham – Woll – Moreton – Dorchester SouthContinue reading “My New Train Services”

My new train services

Hello and welcome to my new train services here Im going to show you some exciting routes in Great Britain. Dover Priory – London Victoria 1h59m Stops at Kearsney – Bekesbourne – Canterbury East – Faversham – Teynham – Sittingbourne – Newington – Rainham – Gillingham – Chatham – Rochester – Sole Street – LongfieldContinue reading “My new train services”

My new train services (Vintage Express Version)

Hello This post is about My vintage Express it’s called Vintage Express Because it’s pulled by vintage trains but its got a lot of routes and the first train will be pulled by a steam and a diesel train ok let’s get started. London Kings Cross – London Euston 17h 50m. Stops at Stevenage –Continue reading “My new train services (Vintage Express Version)”

Book Review: Joe and Nelly by Kim M. Russell

This book is about a boy called Joe, who gets evacuated to Wales. He doesn’t want to go, but he has to because the Blitz is coming up. When he gets back to London, he is reunited with his girlfriend Nelly. I learned about how people lived during WW2: they had rations, blackouts, and hadContinue reading “Book Review: Joe and Nelly by Kim M. Russell”

Routes for World Air, Inter Buses, Best World Ships and my train routes.

So for when I grow up I will show you know some Plane, Bus, Ship and some fascinating train routes. Part 1 Planes Manchester To Tokyo. Price 600 Euros, Flight time 13 hours. Flight Flown by Boeing triple 7, Airbus A380 and Boeing 747. Venice To Hong Kong. Price 500 euros Flight time 10 hours.Continue reading “Routes for World Air, Inter Buses, Best World Ships and my train routes.”

Avanti West Coast #poetry #poem

Lancaster, PrestonWigan North-WesternThat’s odd to hear on a train. Did it say that for a laugh?Or was it actually being serious?It’s quite funny to hear: Lancaster, PrestonWigan North-WesternI never heard it on this train before! I guess I was paying lots of attention:Lancaster, PrestonWigan North-Western A poem I found on a train! Featured image: G-13114,Continue reading “Avanti West Coast #poetry #poem”

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