Book Review: Joe and Nelly by Kim M. Russell

This book is about a boy called Joe, who gets evacuated to Wales. He doesn’t want to go, but he has to because the Blitz is coming up. When he gets back to London, he is reunited with his girlfriend Nelly. I learned about how people lived during WW2: they had rations, blackouts, and hadContinue reading “Book Review: Joe and Nelly by Kim M. Russell”

Goodbye Sodor: My very own Thomas the Tank Engine story.

One day Diesel 10 was ripping trucks apart. Then the Fat Controller told Diesel 10, if he did rip trucks apart again he would get scrapped. So he was sent to deliver oil to Ballahoo. Then on the junction to Ballahoo, Thomas was in the way of Diesel 10. So then Diesel 10 asked ThomasContinue reading “Goodbye Sodor: My very own Thomas the Tank Engine story.”

Cloggy’s Ghost: A #villanelle

Once upon a time in Blackpool townThere was a man who worked on the ghost train:They say that Cloggy’s ghost still wanders round He took the lever and he pushed it downThe ghost train sprung to life in sun and rain:Once upon a time in Blackpool town. Sometimes he wore a smile, sometimes a frown:TheContinue reading “Cloggy’s Ghost: A #villanelle”

Cloggy’s Ghost – #penablekidscomp

This is my entry for the Penable Kids Short Story Competition. If you haven’t checked out Penable yet, you should head over there as it is filled with inspiration for writers, short stories, poetry and fun competitions like this one! So here it is, my short story… Cloggy’s Ghost During my holidays, I went toContinue reading “Cloggy’s Ghost – #penablekidscomp”

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