Avanti West Coast #poetry #poem

Lancaster, PrestonWigan North-WesternThat’s odd to hear on a train. Did it say that for a laugh?Or was it actually being serious?It’s quite funny to hear: Lancaster, PrestonWigan North-WesternI never heard it on this train before! I guess I was paying lots of attention:Lancaster, PrestonWigan North-Western A poem I found on a train! Featured image: G-13114,Continue reading “Avanti West Coast #poetry #poem”

A Poem for Freddie Fluffballs

The stripy white catOh the stripy white cathe is wild, very lovelyand very crazy. At night when he runs aroundsuper loud at midnight thenin the middle of the dayit is rest time… © Benji’s Very Big Blog 2021, all rights reserved https://dversepoets.com/2021/05/13/open-link-night-live-292/ This is a poem about my cat. He is called Freddie Fluffballs. WhenContinue reading “A Poem for Freddie Fluffballs”

Spring #poetry #poem

Springyou beautiful thingwhen all the baby animals come into the worldthey play with friendsand go outside and have a wonderful time:Oh SpringOh SpringYou beautiful thing!With flowersand baby animals;Oh SpringYou beautiful thing!One of my favourite seasonswhen it’s all nice and warmand so colourfulyour bright coloursmake the day shine! This is my first poem for dVerse poets’ pub.

Hyper VIP card

This card will reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly big discounts Keswick-Annan £12 with Hyper VIP card free. Milan-Verona £56 with Hyper VIP card only £17. Gorizia central-Yokahama £2000 with Hyper VIP card only £1230. Windermere-Edinburgh £40 with Hyper VIP card only £15. Istanbul-Athens £100 with Hyper VIP card only £50. Marylebone-Maryport £76 with Hyper VIP card only £41. Windermere-KeswickContinue reading “Hyper VIP card”

Halloween Banquet: Dine if you Dare!

Happy Halloween everyone! Today we are celebrating lockdown-style with a haunted banquet at home. Please make your selection from the menu: I hope you chose wisely… I hope you enjoyed this fiendish feast! Did you eat anything frightfully good for Halloween? If you did, why not share some photos on your blog, and let meContinue reading “Halloween Banquet: Dine if you Dare!”

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